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Massage Therapy Treatments


Body&Beyond massage clinic has been offering advanced full-body massage and yoga sessions in Toronto for over 12 years. We pride ourselves in our professionalism and commitment to your health and wellbeing. 

Treatments offered at our clinic:

        • Therapeutic massage

        •  Myofascial release

        •  Pre and post event sports massage           

        •  Deep tissue massage

        •   Prenatal/postnatal massage

        •   Acute and chronic injury rehabilitation

        •   Craniosacral 

        •   Rapid release therapy

        •   Trigger point therapy 

        •   Relaxation

Please request a specific treatment when booking your appointment.



Therapeutic massage will loosen tense musculature and often break down scar tissue to increase range of motion in a specific area.  Typically, deep tissue massage benefits chronic injuries.  Therapists can either relax or stimulate muscle tissue to increase circulation so blood flows freely, carrying oxygen and nutrients to the areas needed.  Massage Therapists use their hands, forearms and elbows to detect and treat problems in the muscles, ligaments and tendons in the body’s soft tissue. 


Pre and Post treatment – Usually two days prior to your sporting event, your therapist with treat the principle muscles that are involved with your sport.  Primarily treating with specific techniques to stimulate muscles if the sport is quick paces or encourage relaxation for a psychological benefit.

Post Event is usually the same day or 24 hours later. These techniques are effective in reducing muscle waste, cooling down your body and stretching your tissue for prevention of injury.


As a local business, we understand the value in supporting other local businesses and their team members. We have established preferred rates for corporations willing to choose Body&Beyond Massage Clinic as their “go to” massage clinic.


Everyone can benefit from slowing down, resting and feeling taken care of. If do not feel sore, injured or pain you can still experience better health with relaxation massage. Long slow massage strokes increase your circulation but reduce nerve stimulation. Sedating your nervous system, while resting your mind can give you the time needed to restore you to your best-self.


Many consider massage as a complimentary health service that offers you relief of the many discomforts experienced while pregnant


Massage as we age offers healthy touch to a population that are often no longer receiving these health benefits. Touch is one of the most important sense, from the time we are born to the moments before we pass, the bodies need for reassurance and connection affirms our existence.


Experience sixty or ninety minutes of massage with soothing warm Ayurvedic herbal oil full body massage  and you will feel the benefits this treatment offers you. Your therapist, using the warm oils, will guide them over your body using massage strokes to create a profound state of relaxation, releasing tension throughout the body and get the instant benefits of herbal oils healing power.