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Body and beyond brings you a range of handpicked natural and Ayurvedic self-care products.  

Body and beyond is the sister company of Master yoga.  Master yoga was established in January 2011 and has since been serving many all over the GTA. It provides Traditional Yoga classes, mediation, yoga teachers training, and yoga workshops. In addition Master Yoga is involved in community services by providing support to children with their education, medical and basic needs in many undeveloped countries to help. 

The founder of Master yoga, Jeyarajeen Sivalingam is a dedicated and passionate traditional yoga teacher and Siddha Marma Yoga Therapist. He is always drawn towards nature and ayurvedic products and the healing properties it brings with it. Master Jey not only being a teacher, he is also a student who continues to expand his knowledge. He goes beyond being a teacher to help his students by sharing his knowledge on Ayurveda, Siddha marma and healthy living.  

In one of his trip to India he came across an ayurvedic soap made with 23 herbs called “Kayakalp”. He was amazed at the natural ingredients and the healing properties it had, that he decided to bring some back to share with is students.  

All who used the soap loved it, and many saw a difference in their skin conditions from the healing properties the 23 herbs filled soap brought with it. With many wanting the soap, an order was made and the 1st shipment arrived in 2018.  Hearing the benefits and also recommended by doctors and health care professionals the demand for continued increase and Master Yoga / Body and Beyond continues import them. 

In the same way one of the most powerful herbs in Ayurvedic medicine called “Ashwagandha” was introduced.  Ahwagandha is considered the king of Ayurvedic herbs and has been supporting the human body and mind for over 3,000 years. The befits of Ashwagandha includes, it helps relieve stress and anxiety, increase your immune system and improve sleep.

It is natural and made as per Ayruveda Astanga Hirudayam with perfect concentration. 

Jeyarajeen Sivalingam,  M.Sc in Yoga , E-RYT

Professor of Yoga - Annamalai Canada 

Director , Master Yoga

850 Tapscott Rd, Unit 4,

Scarborough ,ON,M1X1N4